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Health Savings Accounts


A Health Savings Account (HSA) gives you more control over your healthcare costs. You decide how to spend your money on your health. You make the decisions.

Health Savings Accounts are combined with a High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) to offer a more affordable approach to healthcare. Premiums for HDHPs are lower. HSAs have a tax favored status - meaning what you contribute is either pre-tax or tax deductible. Interest earned on the money is tax-deferred. Using the money to pay for qualified medical expenses is tax-free. Lower insurance premiums combined with using tax-free money can lead to significant savings.

To set up a HSA, Chamber Insurance Trust has partnered with Simsbury Bank. For more information, click on the brochure below:

 Watch a recent video that was done with CIT and Simsbury Bank on Health Savings Accounts.


Chamber Insurance Trust is an expert on HSAs. Click on the below image to read about a panel CIT's Stephen Glick participated with President George W. Bush.

Glick with Pres. Bush