Chamber Value of Working with CIT

Your Chamber of Commerce needs value added services to provide reasons why a business should join a Chamber of Commerce.

Your chamber, along with the nearly 80 participating chambers of commerce in Connecticut and Western Massachusetts, places you part of a much larger group which increases your members' buying power in the area of health care. Products are sold locally by your insurance agent members.

CIT's renowned concept empowers the Chamber Community to offer affordable benefit solutions to its members. Upon implementing the necessary framework inclusive of a chamber advisory cabinet and an elected benefit center, the chambers collectively market and distribute insurance products in a cost effective and localized manner. A shared funding schedule is established between the carrier, the participating Chambers and CIT to execute the marketing program. A Benefit Center is designated, a regional marketing hub, to lead a cohesive marketing program to increase regional exposure and develop activities directed towards driving total sales of the benefit offerings. The carriers provide the participating chambers a percentage of the premium dollars based on the total members they attain to participate in the CIT program. Agent members are also rewarded incentives and a favorable commission structure.