Portfolio Overview

Chamber Insurance Trust's providers are among the best available. We strive to provide innovative strategic products, while balancing quality with cost savings. Utilizing the buying power of your Chamber membership, CIT is able to offer chamber exclusive designed products. Tens of thousands of companies across Connecticut and Western Massachusetts purchase benefits through the Chamber Insurance Trust. CIT products are designed with input from Chamber executives and members and offer small business members and seniors a variety of high quality affordable benefit programs. All of our products are sold by trained local agents in your community who will meet with you one-on-one and provide the customer service you deserve.


Business & Chamber Members
Value of Chamber Membership
Group Health
Individual Health
Group Life
Group Dental
Retirement Plans
Long-Term Care
Long-Term Disability
Health Reimbursement Arrangements
Health Savings Accounts

Individuals & Families
Individual Health
Individual Life
Discounts for Dental,
Pharmacy & Vision

Medicare Advantage (65+)

Working & Retired Seniors
Medicare Advantage
Individual Life
Long-Term Care

Value of working with CIT

Value of working with CIT