CIT integrated benefit solution provides savings and boosts morale!

My husband and I own a 10-person home healthcare therapy company. We needed an alternative to our current benefit program. After an increase in our benefits, we no longer could afford to provide our employees the same level of coverage. At the same time we were fearful that shifting additional costs to our employees would be unmanageable and force some to leave the company.

Chamber Insurance Trust provided an integrated benefit solution that reduced our benefit increase, provided tax savings, and allowed us to maintain contributions toward our pension plan. The savings we enjoyed by shifting into a higher deductible plan, and the tax savings that were provided by establishing a section 125 flexible savings accounts afforded us the ability to continue our pension plan contributions for our employees.

Chamber Insurance Trust’s integrated concept was the solution. We now have a strategy in place that will minimize the effect of the rising costs of health insurance for years to come. Working with CIT I was able to strengthen morale by providing cost-sharing options and manageable benefit contributions.

JoAnne Russo
Care Management Group

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