CIT featured on News Channel 8 - Friday, 22 August 2008 03:49
Today Chamber Insurance Trust was featured on the 5:30 news on Channel 8 to confront the rising cost of healthcare.

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by News Channel 8's Chris Velardi
Posted Aug. 22, 2008
4:07 PM

New Haven (WTNH) -- Most small businesses will tell you paying for health insurance is one of their biggest concerns in this economy.

This year, 9% fewer businesses offered health insurance to their employees than last year. Many small businesses are finding that working together to pool their buying power is the only way to reverse that trend.

At Chip's Family Restaurant in Orange, the waitresses move quickly from customer to customer, delivering food and drinks, while cooks are busy in the kitchen whipping up every order.

That's the part of the restaurant that customers see; what they don't see is the stuff Dina Bajko worries about. She and her brother own Chip's.

They say rising food prices are tough and high energy costs are a concern, but that providing health insurance for the staff is at the top of the list.

"It's very tough, it's very tough to be able to afford everything, and not having anything to change, and not taking anything from our employees," said Bajko.

Chip's is a member of the local Chamber of Commerce. Through that membership, the restaurant has been able to find a health insurance plan. It was developed for small business, with input from the businesses themselves and Chamber Leadership across the state. The plan is offered by Chamber Insurance Trust.

"Just like the car industry, we're going into a smaller version, but with some creative ideas -- and that's really what this is all about," said Steve Glick of Chamber Insurance Trust. Creative ideas, flexible options, and strength in numbers are things small businesses might not get on their own.

"This is the ultimate pool. This is working together with carriers, and with the chamber members, and obviously with the professional - the insurance agents and others - to try to find a program that really does work," said John Leone of the Chamber of Commerce.

What Bajko likes is that she's dealing with people she knows. So, if she's got a problem, she can pick up the phone and get some help.
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