Chamber Insurance Trust – New Website Launch - Friday, 07 November 2008 00:00

After several months of detailed review and development, Chamber Insurance Trust (CIT) has launched an updated website designed to promote their expanding list of insurance solutions.  While the new site can still be found at the original url ( the user experience and information exchange has undergone significant updates both in design and content thanks to the internet strategists of Digital Surgeons in New Haven, CT.

“We needed a website that allowed us to prominently display both our product portfolio and the markets we serve” explained Aaron B. Glick, Vice President of Business Development.  “Our intent was to make certain that the new design would provide easy access to relevant content depending upon the type of visitor” Glick said.

The internet strategists and design team from Digital Surgeon’s helped CIT meet that objective even as requirements changed.  “They were always enthusiastic and looking to help, delivering everything we asked for on time and on budget” Glick said.


The new site offers opportunity for CIT to better showcase their flair for being thought leaders in the area of insurance.  “CIT has always been at the forefront of providing thought-provoking insurance solutions to the businesses of Connecticut.  It is a tenet of our business to be the most well-informed and responsive resource of insurance information and solutions” explained Stephen Glick, President of CIT.  “Our new website gives us a better platform to exhibit the full range of our products and carrier relationships and that is valuable for visitors who come to us looking for answers” explained the elder Glick.  

About Chamber Insurance Trust

Chamber Insurance Trust (CIT) is a voluntary alliance of all participating Chambers of Commerce across Connecticut and Western Massachusetts. Created to bring the combined buying power of thousands of Chamber members, CIT’s complete range of insurance options offer small, mid-sized and large businesses competitively priced benefit packages. From its inception in 1992, CIT serves more than 8,000 businesses from the Chambers of Commerce in Connecticut and Massachusetts.

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