Business and Chamber Members
Health Reimbursement Arrangements

Save money and give your employees a tax break

If you’ve found your business priced out of the insurance market, the Defined Contribution Employer Health Benefits Solution provides an affordable alternative:

Choose to contribute as much or as little as you like to the cost of employee health care — from $0 to full funding.

Set your contribution amount (if any), which doesn’t change unless you choose to change it.

Deduct 100 percent of your contributions (if you choose to make them), lower your FICA liability and increase your staff’s take-home pay by reducing taxable wages.

Take advantage of maximum flexibility

If you do choose to contribute to coverage, we can help you define benefits classes for your employees. This will help you better target your investment in employee benefits:

Employees work directly with Chamber brokers to choose a plan design and enroll, and your payroll system handles deductions.

You choose your contribution amount for a predictable cost of doing business.

There are no minimum participation requirements, and you can offer the Defined Contribution Employer Health Benefits Solution to full-time and part-time W-2 employees and 1099 contractors.

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